A Cry Nobody Heard


Showtime Productions hit stage play “A Cry Nobody Heard ”
Written/Directed/Produced by Johnny Sizemore & Kerrick Greer

When family secrets cause a rift in the relationship of The Bailey Sisters, we find there are 3 sides to every story: The Truth, The Lie, and The Unknown. Brokenness and selfishness have driven this family apart and now, a tragedy that strikes like no other will threaten to break them for good. One misunderstanding will wreak havoc on their world, shattering a family bond into a million pieces and leaving everyone wondering if life and a little time can put them back together or worse, if unforgiveness will consume their broken lives forever. Can forgiveness and love outweigh the hurt and pain that has been buried deep in this tangled web of deceit? One sister holds the answer to a difficult question…a choice between right and wrong that will shake the Bailey family to its core. Will she allow hatred to put another sister in danger or practice what she preaches? Can the Bailey family come together? Some of life’s best lessons are learned at the worst times…

©Showtime Productions 2017