Collateral Damage


Showtime Productions hit stage play “Collateral Damage ” Written by Johnny Sizemore & Kerrick Greer

The tragic death of beloved council man, Charles Bradford has shattered his family in to a million pieces, the devastation of this loss sends his family in different directions. Nearly, three years later Camille, his youngest daughter has returned home to prepare for the happiest day of her life, her wedding to her long time soulmate Dallas Grey, there is only one thing that is missing from making this the perfect day, and that’s her father. Danielle her best friend has taken on the responsibility of planning the wedding. Everything is set and in place but an unexpected surprise comes out of nowhere that threatens to rock this family at its core once again. What happens when buried secrets come back to life and all of a sudden everyone connected to this family becomes collateral damage in the process as a result of one person’s detrimental mistake.
Watch and enjoy!

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