After Deedee storms out on an argument with her single, workaholic father and meets with bad boy/womanizer Jordan, she encounters her best friend Nisha, who tells her to stay away from Jordan. Jordan invites Deedee into the locker room and sneaks his friends Amir and Tobias in to make a sex tape during gym. Sean, a friend of Nisha and Deedee, has feelings for Deedee, but is shattered by her actions taken with Jordan. One month later, Deedee finds out she is pregnant and is humiliated by Jordan, his friends, and the popular girls, Joy and Tanisha, at school. How does Deedee deal with the consequences of her actions? After a broken friendship, does Sean and Nisha rescue Deedee out of her despair? Watch the full video to find out how Deedee was misled.