This movie is about 3 individuals that get caught up in a polyamorous-ish relationship they’re not ready for. When Kisa and Larry move from Atlanta to Pittsburgh they invite their friend Fatima for a visit. They end up getting more than they bargained for! (Based on a true story) From the makers of Sneaky Links, L.I.E.- Loyalty Isn’t Everything, Left On Read, Pocket Watchin’, Bunny Snow, Hood Movie, Splash Gang and Many More!
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Written & Directed By Villa Mane

Shayla McKinney- Kısa
Janee Bailey- Fatima
Terry Sumbry- Larry
Rezzy Alkyda- Alkyda
Leah G.- Corrina
Villa Mane- Premo
Jessica Lynn- The Fuzz
Rollie Harmony- Delivery Guy

Music By William Wattley
Additional piano music by Asher Fulero

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