ROCKS | Official Trailer


The film follows teenager Rocks (Bukky Bakray) who fears that she and her little brother Emmanuel (D’angelou Osei Kissiedu) will be forced apart if anyone finds out they are living alone. With the help of her friends, she evades the authorities and navigates the most defining days of her life. ROCKS is a film about the joy, resilience and spirit of girlhood.

Cast: Bukky Bakray, Kosar Ali, Shaneigha-Monik Greyson, Ruby Stokes, Tawheda Begum, Anastasia Dymitrow and Afi Okaidja.

Directed by Sarah Gavron
Written by Theresa Ikoko and Claire Wilson
Story by Theresa Ikoko
Produced by Faye Ward and Ameenah Ayub Allen

Music featuring: Little Simz, Ray BLK, Raye, Mae Mulller and more!

Trailer music features: ‘Banku Dade’ Jowaa & ‘Breathe’, Performed by Celeste and written by Seinabo Sey.
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