OTHER is a short film about a black woman who struggles with her feelings as she navigates white spaces in the aftermath of the white nationalist rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia. As a black woman, mother, and wife, she must face unconcerned neighbors, unaware colleagues, and clueless strangers who make containing her hurt, rage, and sorrow almost unbearable. A chance meeting with a barista offers her only respite.

Other was not created to induce guilt or illicit sympathy. It is simply a window into the black psyche, a look at the two voices Black America retains. The day of or after traumatic experiences we collectively mourn. We wonder if there will ever be a day our humanity will be given, not awarded after war. We are filled with anxious terror at what this world holds for our children. Other is a hug to all of us. And a guide to our allies on how to, maybe, not say stupid sh*t.

Written/Starring Vanessa Baden Kelly
Directed by Xavier Burgin