Somebody Gotta Die


Nat Nelson is a non-violent and hardworking Harlem native who moves his family to the suburbs of New Jersey for a better way of life and to escape the crime-ridden streets of New York City.

Unfortunately, Nat abruptly returns to Harlem after a devastating breakup with his girlfriend and soon finds himself enveloped in the ongoing violence he once left.

Nat’s world is soon shattered when his young son is mysteriously murdered on a visit to see him. The once humble and down-to-earth misfit transforms into an enraged killer as he vows to seek revenge on his child’s death.

During his dramatic pursuit for answers, Nat comes face-to-face with some of Harlem’s most unforgiving street criminals Money (Malek Burns), Doggy (Raymond Bryant), and Black (Tom Black). They all have a quest for money, power and respect in their hood, but also have no remorse in getting what they think they deserve.

Grief stricken and fractured, Nat becomes brutally violent towards everyone in his path. Mysterious killings, kidnappings and torturing threatens an entire community and have Harlem’s most notorious killers confused. It’s only evident that “Somebody Gotta Die”. – SGDTHEMOVIE

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