Willie’s Letter tells a parallel story of sacrifice and resurrection across two generations. A depressed, failure-ridden father contemplates life while attempting to hold on to his silver lining: his son. A PTSD-diagnosed son embarks on a journey to revisit the place of his father’s demise and makes an unexpected discovery that brings him closer to healing. The film, Willie’s Letter, is inspired, in part, by propaganda piece “The Willie Lynch Letter, 1712.” The letter discusses the generational trauma of slave descendants, the aspect of mental slavery, and the separation of the black family — dynamics that are embedded in this film’s father-son relationship, and echo structures that define the black family today.

Written by
Kiana Woodson (@Filmafreaux) and Vanessa Westbrook (@theatlbombshell)

Directed by
Kiana. Woodson (@Filmafreaux)

Produced by
Vanessa Westbrook (@theatlbombshell) and Angel Lenise (@angellenise )

Cinematography by
Blair Winders (@bmwcruisin)