A Wake premiered in Screamfest 2020. Three sisters struggle to hide how their father’s death haunts them.

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Directed by:
Lauren Brown
Produced by:
Megan Halpern & Terry Huang
Written by:
Lauren Brown
Main Cast:
Alexandria Collins, Savannah Jackson, Amaka Obiechie, Elester Latham


Lauren Brown is a filmmaker and film lover from Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from Columbia University and started her career as a producer at Turner Classic Movies & FilmStruck. Lauren moved to Los Angeles in 2017 to pursue a directing career. She worked for Franklin Leonard at The Black List and Jill Soloway at Topple, developing pitches and navigating the realities of the industry. Currently, she is producing a film podcast for the Exactly Right Podcast Network and creating video content for TCM. Lauren wrote and directed her short film, A WAKE, in 2019 and she continues to build her career as a writer and movie director. Her work combines the influence of classic horror movies and deep research into the cultural origins of monsters to create horror stories about women and the fears that haunt them.



Category: HORROR