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An episodic based in Las Vegas that showcases the ins and outs of the streets you don’t get to see behind the bright lights. This is where those bright lights end and the dark gutter begins.

Mr. Chopp Chopp, a successful podcaster, buys a nail salon. His idea of a successful nail shop is run by men. He hires Klepto and Two-Braids as manicurists. The nail shop struggles to maintain and Mr. Chopp comes up with various hustles.

The nail shop struggles as the world is under attack. Mr. Chopp has to be creative to bring in money and hire an ex-cop.

A successful and devoted husband fights to rekindle his marriage. But, when his wife’s hidden past resurfaces, he discovers more hidden secret and promiscuities that might be too challenging for their marriage.

In No Ordinary Love, vulnerability and strength prove vital to a resilient woman who finds herself in a dangerous situation with her police officer husband. When she exposes his secret to her pastor’s wife, the two women’s lives intersect with shocking results. DeAna Davis Lynn Andrews III April Hartman Eric Hanson Nya Cummings Cleshia Huckaby […]


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★ 23 Award Wins ★ 32 Nominations ★ 60 Official Film Festival Selections MISCREANT: “A young law-school student explains to detectives how he came to be found in a house with three dead bodies.” This is a short film concept for a feature-length movie. Director: Rocky Ramsey Writers: Rocky Ramsey (Story by), co-Qais Faraj Producers: […]


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Two brothers find out a chilling family secret after a jewelry heist. Starring: Omar Cook Adonis Armstrong Watch more 247LC Films here! #crimedrama #shortfilm #dramashort

Yes Man

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In the struggle to find his place amongst friends, Darrell misses the real journey of finding his place within himself. (Feature Film Version Out Soon!) Starring Kieton Saunders-Browne Keon Martial-Phillip, Kirk Smith, Emma Wright, Nash Hernandez, Adrian ‘Gatta Grant, Rufus Sheljean… Written and Directed by Daniel Glenn-Barbour Produced by Angelika Napierla 1st AD Adrian ‘Gatta’ […]

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at   If you would like to have your film or trailer posted on our social media platforms or website please follow the instructions below:   1. Please provide a link to your project or post online for review. 2. If your project […]


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A MUST WATCH FILM ABOUT Friends Desmond, And Sean must band together to get the funds for their grandmothers cancer treatment. Desperately they turn to the city drug dealer for help, But he gives them more than they can bargain for. Unprepared, and uneducated the two make ONE WRONG WRONG Cast Desmond: Isaiah Leaks Sean: […]


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After getting out of the game, a gangster estranged from his family learns that facing his past is the only way for him to be the man he wants to be. Director: Treal Walker Stars: Charles Archie Jr., Geo Benson Jr., Kate Coleman, Deshawn King ► About Deep C Digital is one of the largest […]


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Percentage (HD FULL Movie) (Subscribe To Roylty:) STREAM / BOOKMARK Our New & Improved FREE Radio @ Streema or or Google: BlaqRoylty_Radio CALLING ALL Artist JOIN “Our Virtukutana – Open Mic Online Show” Sign-up for our Next EP on Eventbrite Soon Virtukutana is a early digital adaptation of our in-person open mic […]

In The Hood

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After her cousin’s murder, an aspiring singer must decide whether to follow her dreams or stay in Milwaukee and help her community end the cycle of violence. Genre : Full Movie in English, © 2022 – All Rights Reserved #FullMovie #FullMovieENGLISH

Manny becomes over extended with playing both sides and decides to flee Los Angeles to Las Vegas. However, his new friends aren’t too happy when he owes them and disappears. BE SURE TO STAY TUNED AFTER CREDITS FOR PART 4 INTRO Starring Carlos Menzies India Rashed Martelle Taylor Sr Cassiphias Guerrero Maddogg Latavious Flournoy Raida […]

Watch interviews of some of the most talented, up-and-coming, independent, filmmakers. Listen as they discuss projects and share inspiration through their experiences as a producer, director, or editor of some of the best, underrated, urban, independent, films you’ve never seen. This interview is with filmmaker Luc Stephen #7Sins #EverybodyDies #Sin WATCH NOW: 7 Sins Everybody […]

Life of Crime

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An ex-con goes back to his old ways, wondering if he can ever turn his life around, but things become more complicated when he falls for a woman who makes her living upholding the law.

Maverick Movies (Maverick Entertainment Group) is an independent film distributor specializing in niche genre independent films. Maverick’s films are in stores, online, and streaming on mobile devices and Smart TVs. Established in 1997, Maverick has been making Indie film available to the masses for over 25 years.

UrbanflixTV is a brand new streaming service that delivers entertainment not just for some of us but all of us! Recognizing that our differences make us stronger, UrbanflixTV is a subscription-based platform that embraces our innate desire to relate to what we watch, celebrating the distinct experiences that make the world so colorful.

After a honorable discharge from the Army James Foster came home unsettled from the harsh reality of the war, to cope he started doing murder for hires and hired friends and family to carry out his plots.

The Set it Off Queen Latifah is called, Cleo. Queen Latifah has played some great character during her time in the movie business, but her character Cleo in the film Set it Off cannot be matched. Set it off is a 1996 hood crime action heist film that stars Queen Latifah, Vivica A. Fox, Jada Pinkett, […]

Odog from Menace to Society is one of black cinema’s most memorable characters from the 1990s. Odog, whose real name in the movie is Kevin Anderson, is a hot-tempered, misguided youth that wants nothing less than money, power, and respect in the streets. This is made clear from the beginning of the film when Odog […]


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In the series premiere of POZ ROZ, Rozzlyn Mayweather (28) and her BFF Stacey (26) hit the club for Black Gay Pride but the night doesn’t go as planned. 101 Playlist: “What We Talkin Bout” CIPH BOOGIE Instagram: @ciphboogie24 “Lovin’ You” ERIC HIRSCH IG: @erichirschtb “My Boo” CHAUNTAE PINK IG: @chauntaepink “Asylum” DAVI AKEI IG: […]

Winnerz (2021)

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Four childhood friends come up in the game by winning in large dice games. Starring Glenn Plummer, Christian Keyes, and Denyce Lawton.


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Please Like, Comment, and Subscribe. This short film is about a trio of inner city girls facing hardships devising on robbing a traphouse. We made this film during the global pandemic with no budget. We wanted to showcase our love for cinema and inspire other creatives. Written & Directed by: Lekeith “Dashawn J” Jones Executive […]


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Two black women from different backgrounds, different occupations and different circumstances become roommates. But having a common enemy brings them closer causing them to work together and becoming successful.

Charge It To The Game “When survival depends on friends, trust, and power…” Written & Directed: Austin Smith Director of Photography: Derek Collins Starring: Deion – Austin Smith Homies (Voice) – Ronald Moore, Khalfani Thomas Driver – Amelia Reeves Deion’s Sister – Kierra Adams Baby – Amir Collins Church – Derrick Smith Riley – RileyPnP […]

KD is back and recruiting his loyal underdogs with a few new recruits. Eager to find Eve he decides to break any rule in his path. Starring Christian McClure Andreea Bujor Carlos Menzies Latavious Flournoy And Many More

Mitch is strung out on love and absolutely will not take no for an answer. Starring Cassiphias Guerrero Kionna Frierson India Rashed Kieth Flowers Chelsea Chapa Cairo Kent Norma Vitala Rob Lee Lauren Craig Tashara May Mariana Escobar Chaz Robinson And Many More Written By Latavious Flournoy Cassiphias Guerrero Produced By: Latavious Flournoy Carlos Menzies […]

Hood movie that take place in Memphis TN Starring Glorilla | Directed by. LMB FILMZ


Quality Control presents PREACHERMAN, an original documentary starring Lil Baby. It is directed by Mandon Lovett and executive-produced by Pierre “Pee” Thomas and Kevin “Coach K” Lee. Directed by Mandon Lovett Executive Producer- Pierre “Pee” Thomas Executive Producer- Kevin “Coach K” Lee Produced by Javier Sang Director of Photography- Bryant Robinson Producer- Rahn Evans Music […]

A Hood Love Affair between two Pirus . Lana is a hood chick from Watts who fell for a Bompton thug. Debo never knew he could love anyone as much as he loved banging the hood until a gangster chick came and stole his heart. Everything was going perfect until they fell victim to the […]

This movie is based on a true story. Figg Panamera (JT the bigga figga) moves to Atlanta Ga to bring the knowledge of being Independent to the hungry artist thriving in this region. He is met with opposition from major labels who want to sign these artist to shady 360 deals, also the drug dealers […]

New Jack City Pookie was a character they made you love. If you ever saw the 90s urban classic New Jack City, Pookie should definitely be one of the characters that come to mind. Pookie is played by Chris Rock who, at the time, was most famous for his bold and controversial style of stand-up […]

Tupac in movies is nothing short of amazing. Shakur’s turbulent and famous career lasted only five years, yet his effect on rap music and his film career as a whole is still evident two decades later. Tupac Shakur was born on June 16, 1971, in, New York. Unfortunately, Tupac Shakur was killed in a drive-by […]

Starring: Cassiphias Guerrero- Manny Brittney Noria-Oceanne Cartrell Daniels- Rooster India Rashed- Sweetie Carlos Menzies-SteeV And Many More…… * NO MATTER THE PEOPLE OR THE LOCATION, THE INFLUENCE IS IN THE AIR! STEVIE USES HIS STREET SKILL AND FINESSE TO STAY AHEAD OF THE CURB. LUST, LOVE, & MONEY. THE CALI WAY.

“SKANDALOUZ” is a must see thriller short film that touches on domestic violence, infidelity, and deviousness within friendships. The film has garnered international success winning 6 awards in festivals across. Omar Cook makes his directorial debut in this award winning dramatic short film! SYNOPSIS: Marcus Williams is a successful young lawyer on the verge of […]

“Deadly Thoughts” is a powerful film exploring dramatic topics such as toxic relationships, infidelity, and mental health. The film has garnered international success winning 12 awards in festivals. CW All American’s Omar Cook puts on a sensational performance taking viewers on an emotional ride! SYNOPSIS: Darnell Harris experiences a series of flashbacks as he reminiscences […]

“COKE BOYS” is a must see crime drama short film that sheds light on what can happen when you choose the wrong path and surround yourself with the wrong people. This film pays homage to 90s movies such as “Menace II Society”, “New Jack City”, and “Juice”. SYNOPSIS: Cain is one the biggest drug dealers […]

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“COKE BOYS” is a must see crime drama short film that sheds light on what can happen when you choose the wrong path and surround yourself with the wrong people. This film pays homage to 90s movies such as “Menace II Society”, “New Jack City”, and “Juice”. SYNOPSIS: Cain is one the biggest drug dealers […]

A wife finds her husband’s camera and discovers his secrets. Even though she has all the evidence, it’s too late to confront him about it. Written & Directed By Villa Mane Starring Villa Mane Jessica Lynn Lovely Marie Aamara Slimm Goodii July High And More Thank you for watching Please subscribe and watch all of […]

The DC Black Film Festival (DCBFF) is dedicated to exhibiting quality film, web series and television content by and about people of African descent. We support emerging artists striving to add diversity to the images, tastemakers and storytellers working in the entertainment industry. The DCBFF is committed to playing an integral role in discovering, celebrating […]

The Newark Black Film Festival, the longest-running Black film festival in the United States, returned after a brief hiatus! Celebrating films that heighten the historic importance of the Black experience in the United States, the festival features live panel discussions and exclusive screenings of films created in the last three years. Since 1974, NBFF has […]

The NBFF was founded with an initiative to build an enlightening platform for future filmmakers and actors. Another primary goal of the NBFF is to stimulate the production of more high quality films in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area-mapping the city as a major cinematic outlet. The NBFF acts as a bridge to connect industries […]

The Denton Black Film Festival is the brainchild of Harry Eaddy, festival director, and is presented by the Denton African American Scholarship Foundation. In 2014, Harry Eaddy approached two staples of the Denton community – Cheylon Brown and Mesha George – with a unique idea to bring an event focused on Black cinema to the […]

The American Black Film Festival is an annual event dedicated to empowering Black talent and showcasing film and television content by and about people of African descent. Dedicated to the belief that diverse artists deserve the same opportunities as their mainstream counterparts, ABFF Founder Jeff Friday conceived the festival in 1997 as a vehicle to […]

The Toronto Black Film Festival is dedicated to giving unique voices in cinema the opportunity to present audiences with new ways of looking at the world. A dynamic, refreshing and audacious Festival whose ambition is to encourage the development of the independent film industry and to promote more films on the reality of Black people […]

The LA Black Film Festival celebrates independent Black filmmakers and seeks to elevate Black voices and stories in the film community. LA Film Festivals began with the LA Comedy Festival in 2001, adding the LA Indie Film Fest in 2007. The LA Film Festival family has since expanded to 12 independent film festivals, including LA […]

Two young lady’s trying to find themselves as they cross into dark unknowns that changes everything for them.

Synopsis: Based on director Maya Table’s true story, Hit The Road puts a lively spin on the devastating breakup of longtime couple Penny and Stan. Fueled by their competitive nature, Penny and Stan, played by Brianna Butler and Jared Wofford, engage in a battle of the sexes vying for the last word. Watch the full […]

Directed by: Lauren Brown Produced by: Megan Halpern & Terry Huang Written by: Lauren Brown Main Cast: Alexandria Collins, Savannah Jackson, Amaka Obiechie, Elester Latham

Our mission is to create economic empowerment for, heighten awareness of, promote the significance and need for African American cinema as an art form, and to be a voice for independent filmmakers of color. The Goals of the Charlotte Black Film Festival is to: Promote diversity through cultural expressions, dialogue and understanding. Promote and display works that express the […]

House Party the movie is a notable teenager comedy. House Party is also currently a 90s urban cult classic. The film was directed by Reginald Hudlin and stars the hip-hop pair Kid n’ Play, comprised of Christopher “Kid” Reid from the Bronx and Christopher “Play” Martin from Queens. I’m sure those who have seen the […]

The Color Purple Celie is only one of the amazing and inspiring characters from Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. Celie is a southern girl who has been abused her entire life but gradually gains strength from the other ladies in her life. This story of how she does so is nothing less than extraordinary. The […]

Two aspiring South African actors who are independently in America eager to crack into an extremely difficult and over saturated Hollywood industry, meet by chance. Between the everyday struggle of auditioning, dealing with daily rejection, self doubt, financial hardship, crazy friends and a crazy dating scene, who has time for Love. Director: Samad Davis Writers: […]

Exit Strategy

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Evicted from his apartment, James has to move in with his girlfriend of 3 months. He quickly discovers that she’s everything he never wanted in a woman. Director: Michael Whitton Stars: Jameel Saleem, Quincy Harris, Kevin Hart, Big Boy, Noelle Balfour #kevinhart #comedymovie #TheStreamMovies

Fall Semester The Movie is a Independent Urban Comedy that stars instagram comedians Kypree Taylor (@kidkypree) and Mista Man (@mistaman0948). Kypree is a college student that’s focused on becoming a comedian. He got selected to be in the biggest comedy competition, but doesn’t have any money to make the trip. Kypree and his friends come […]

While trying to find a balance between dance, love, and friendship. Lexis is caught at a crossroads that can cost her everything.

See Beyonce and Destiny’s Child in their first movie in this classic hidden gem from 1999! A poor black family from the South win the lottery. They move to Beverly Hills to live the good life, but find it hilariously difficult to fit in. Director: Tyler Maddox Writers: Melissa Balin, Yolanda Braxton, Tyler Maddox Stars: […]

Funarios Starring: @Blaire Najal @Trey Moe & Keisha Jones @Medinah Monroe @Jamal The Creative IG- @iam_parsita @iChvse IG- @wheres_my_mojo Shot By: Andrew IG- @Adroshotit

Desi Banks presents “When Duty Calls”, an original Desi Banks Production. A group of friends get in too deep when a popular first person shooting game becomes their reality. Starring Desi Banks, Jock McKissic and Rachael O’Neil, with guest appearances by Michael Peirino, Emma Rumos and Micah Tarver. Shot by ZoZo Films

Chad realizes without the favor of God, His life would’ve been gone. Editor :Mark Boatner Written and Directed By :Joseph Mitchell Filmed and Produced By: 1823Inc

Directed By: Joseph (Mic Jay) Mitchell Filmed By: 1823 Inc. Edited By: Mark Boatner For Inquires:

for promo use only. fair use act. any claims will result in lawsuit. all credits in visual are due to those named. instagram: smokedoggtv facebook: smokedoggtv

Joy Road

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Joy Road – A defense attorney in Detroit, desperate to leave his career behind, is begged by his sister to represent her boyfriend, the alleged leader of the city’s most notorious gang, MVP. 2004. Stars: Roger Guenveur Smith, N’Bushe Wright, Obba Babatundé **Under license from Legacy Distribution. All rights reserved** Welcome to Movie Central. Subscribe […]


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Chase graduates from College with only one thing on his mind to do afterwards, present his BIG BLOCK blockchain idea to the world. Nevertheless, after his interview at Rexcoin left him high and dry, Chase and his brother decide to start their own crypto company. Soon after recruiting old colleagues for partnerships, he finds out […]

Rapper & Host of Million Dollars Worth of Game, Gillie Da Kid exposes viewers to the poverty stricken side of Philadelphia (PA), the 5th largest city in America. Nearly 1/3rd of the of the entire population deals with socioeconomic issues that plague the the original capital of the United States. Watch The Full Series on […]

THE LAST DISCIPLES Biblical stories are brought into the 21st Century in this realistic, gritty, urban drama. Written, Produced and Directed by the Isabelle Bros. Official Selection of the Pan African Film Festival (2017) Follow us on IG: Isabelleboys

Get Rich or Die Tryn the movie is one of black cinemas most memorable films from 2005. It is a story about a drug dealer from the inner city who turns his back on a life of crime to hopefully begin a career in rap music. The hip-hop crime drama stars well known New York rapper […]

The tale of a young woman’s journey of self-discovery, in the midst of personal tragedy. After the untimely death of her sister, Charlie struggles to find normalcy in her day to day life. With the help of her two best friends and special guidance from the spirit of her half-sister; Charlie learns how to overcome […]

As a screenwriter takes notes from Hollywood executives, her beautiful diverse movie about a black American woman traveling to Mexico, slowly becomes a romantic comedy with an all-white cast.

Follow Jasmine Smith and her experiences through life, love, career, and family in the city.


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A woman finds out her best friend and boyfriend were seeing each other by analyzing their body language with each other. Featuring @dtoniolebrian @l.vonne @singlyrik Directed/Edited by D’Tonio Lebrian Camera used to film CANON 70D Lens Rokinon 35MM Standard softbox lights Audio H6N Zoom recorder Location: Detroit Michigan #ShortFilm #Detroit #CantHandleTheTruth

While trying to find a balance between dance, love, and friendship. Lexis is caught at a crossroads that can cost her everything.

The Belly movie is a hood crime drama featuring the late DMX, Nas, Method Man, T-Boz, and Taral Hicks. The film was written and directed by Hype Williams and released in 1989. Hype Williams is also a screen writer and music director who directed and won awards for videos such as Woo Hah! by Busta […]

Don’t Get Caught

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While on a road trip, two friends rob a marijuana farm, and end up with a $100,000 bounty on their heads. 2018. Stars: E-40, Mike Epps, Brian Hooks **Under non-exclusive license from ITN Distribution. All rights reserved**

Dead Presidents the movie was different, but amazing! THE HUGHES Siblings, twin brothers who broke through with “Menace II Society,” tackle everything from the Vietnam War to drugs in the ghetto in the sweeping epic. Like in “Menace II Society,” the two find little reason for hope when it comes to black life in America. […]

Chris Tucker on Friday is hilarious! If you didn’t know, he was once the highest-paid actor in Hollywood. Born in Atlanta to Louis Tucker and Marry Louis, who ran a janitorial service, he completed high school and moved to Hollywood to try luck in the showbiz industry. Def Comedy Jam (1992) on HBO was his […]

Madea A Boo Halloween or “Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween” is Mr. Perry’s 16th feature movie as a filmmaker, and it demonstrates that he is only marginally better in this regard. If you like movies that are both funny and terrifying, this movie is for you! Synopsis: Jonathan and his frat mates invite Tiffany […]

The Hotline

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*Searching for employment, dispirited Carter Knight gets offered a unique job opportunity. There he learns the battles his friends are fighting and views his own life differently.*

Crystal has been dating her boyfriend Brandon, of five years, giving her nonstop lying and cheating. The relationship between the couple has caused so many lies and so much pain it’s left Crystal with no choice but to explore her other options. With her love for Brandon deep in her heart, she becomes unfaithful when […]

A dramatic peek at Peighton Bryant in this ‘New York Girls’ series spin off that looks at the life of a woman who struggles with being alone. She’s forced to find self-love as she goes through six phases of a breakup. Release date: April 20, 2021 at 8pm EST #Phase6TheSeries Get More Phase 6: Like […]

This is a Trailer to the 10 webisode series Alley Boy recorded, until his recent run in with the law. EVERY sunday will be a NEW post.

Nineteen Summers

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Born in the generational Los Angeles street culture a 19-year-old father seeks a better life in the midst of a turf war. 2019 | Director: Rod S. Scott | Stars: Terri Abney, Emonjay Brown, Shinda Burrell **This film is under license from Indie Rights. All rights reserved**


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MY HOOD! MY HOOD!! MY HOOD!!! A MUST WATCH SERIES Written and directed by; Dhyxil Jay & Gyan Shu

Amityville In The Hood A gang uses the cursed and abandoned Amityville property to grow marijuana, but it soon makes its way to the streets where it is giving users a killer buzz.

An urban contemporary re-telling of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” R&B superstar Andre Stephens (Deitrick Haddon) is on top of the world. He has success, fame, and fortune but spiritually he has lost his way. However, his perfect world is shattered when his entourage is brutally attacked, leaving Andre and his best friend Chris Johnson (Robert […]

Love You Right (NEW 2021) Trailer HD ◾ Release Date : 11 January 2021 (Available on Blu-ray/DVD, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Movies, Cable and Satellite On Demand on 09 February 2021) ◾ Starring : Brian Anthony Wilson, Mark Hood, John P Coulter ◾ Directed By : Christina Faith ◾ Genres : Drama, Musical, Romance […]

COMING UP TV SHOW: LOST FILES FROM 2018. Editing & Directing by Carl Story and Prince Marvin Green Thank you to all cast members who participated!! We enjoyed you and loved your energy everyone! Stay Tuned for more….. *****NO ONE GOT HURT IN THE MAKING OF THESE NO WE ARE NOT INSINUATING CRIME OR VIOLENCE […]

Lox Home

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#curtissnow #hoodmovie #urbanmovie #atlantamovie #jtthebiggafigga Trapflix TV is about my life, my views, and my uncut opinions. On this channel you will be on a journey with me as I talk about family life, inspiration, travel, music, movies and more. Contact: Cashapp: $fillmoeafrica Jelani Tom Website: Email: Instagram: @1JTTHEBIGGAFIGGA Booking number: +1-650-531-0646 serious […]

Seventh Grade

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Everyone is growing up except Patrice. But when a raunchy rumor threatens her best friend’s reputation, she’s forced to join the party and embrace adolescence. 2014 ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood Discovery Award NBCU Short Film Festival Finalist 2nd Place Short North Carolina Black Film Festival Social media: twitter, instagram: @steffisees Website:

When a police officer mistakenly shoots and kills an unarmed boy, he is haunted by the memory of that night.


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Marie struggles to make a living while her club is closed. When she runs into a old friend her luck starts to change for the better. In this film you’ll find out what’s IZM, who’s the IZM and why the IZM is important. Written & Directed By Villa Mane Music That Inspired The Movie: […]

Mr. Chopp Chopp, a successful podcaster, buys a nail salon. His idea of a successful nail shop is run by men. He hires Klepto and Two-Braids as manicurists. The nail shop struggles to maintain and Mr. Chopp comes up with various hustles.

“A Millennial Love Story.” Directed by Nina Stakz Starring Kellen Marcus and Erika Ward Own ‘New Year New Us’ January 5, 2021 on DVD and all major platforms. ?

A Atlanta based movie ? Comedy Movie Very Funny Great Actors Westside ATL Filmed Pys Records Laugh your heart out with some old school joking an situation after situation etc etc. This Movie was filmed 2018 By Pys Visions Editing : Seyvvn Cast Starring Og Big JJ Comedian Terrell Def ATL 1247 Swift Laid3 Good […]

Tashod is fresh out and he’s making sure Falon, his on and off again girlfriend, is one of his main priorities! However, trouble is always around the corner and he is forced to take yet another loss!

Baby N The Hood

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Ziarra Johnson (Anna Mae), a Drug-addicted teen mother, accidentally leaves her baby on the hood of her car in 10-degree weather while getting high in a drug house. After discovering the baby in the cold she panics and begins down a road of destruction.


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A Urban Gritty UK gang film showing how violent London can be. Remember to Subscribe for more films and be notified. Written & Directeed by Micah Forbes Socials @micah.andrewz

Tha Eastsidaz

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Snap, Crackle, and Pop are top dogs in the Eastsidaz gang in Long Beach. Pop, also known as Killa, is the alpha dog. He has Crackle and Snap set up a big drug deal that’s going to put him on easy street. But Crackle and Snap have their own agenda: they kill the suppliers, take […]


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From the Series OppsRising we have complied it into the movie edit. Starring Moriyah Faith Jackson, Cantrell Daniels, William Waddell, Kirby Castro, Garrick Foxx, Cj Vinson, Richard Butch and Many More. Written By Latavious Flournoy

Nu Nu The Movie Trailer Is Not Your Ordinary Movie Trailer. Classic Atlanta Love Story… Nu Nu Is A Dreamer Living Her Best Life, But Her Only Worries Is The Life Of Her Boyfriend JP…


Wrote by & Shot By @Hoodstar_bunkey

A short film by Snoop Dogg – B.O.D.R. (Bacc on Death Row) BODR OUT NOW on Death Row Records: Directed by Snoop Dogg Director of Photography: Dah Dah Follow @SnoopDoggTV Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: #SnoopDogg #BODR #BaccOnDeathRow

Filmed By: 1823 Inc. Directed By Joseph (Mic Jay) Mitchell Edited By Mark Boatner For Inquires:

Dayy Too Dayy

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Dayy Too Dayy Full Hood Movie 2022

The film follows teenager Rocks (Bukky Bakray) who fears that she and her little brother Emmanuel (D’angelou Osei Kissiedu) will be forced apart if anyone finds out they are living alone. With the help of her friends, she evades the authorities and navigates the most defining days of her life. ROCKS is a film about […]

The Protectors

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After finding out the truth about his alien ancestry, the world’s first superhero joins forces with a group of local vigilantes, leading them in a fight against a secret society’s plans to enact a new world order.

Sunshine Day

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After losing his mother and best friend unexpectedly a husband and father of eight starts to lose touch with reality then, all hell breaks loose.

Paris’s entire family is murdered and she’s left for dead. Once she recovers, she seeks vengeance.

The rise and fall of the Freeway Boyz, These group of young men sold millions of dollars of drugs in the streets of South Central Los Angeles, and inadvertently financed a CIA private war in Nicaragua.

Summer Madness

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After spending 3 years in prison, Jack Crawford’s only goal is getting his life back on track for his wife, Amy, and their daughter. But when a connection he made in prison resurfaces, a series of unfortunate events lands Jack on trial for murder; and the only person that can save him is Bryce Wilson, […]

The Aftermath

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New movie THE AFTERMATH streaming exclusively on Tubi. After the new guy botches a perfectly planned armored car heist, 4 crafty criminals are left trapped with the police closing in on them. Tensions rise as they try to find a way out with a hard-nosed detective hot on their trail. Will the risk be worth […]

Blood Brotha

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Inspired by true events: A stick up ”DUKE” himself caught up in a situation that may cost him his life. His only way of surviving is to put his loyal friend in harms way. Please THUMBS UP this short film and share your thoughts on it by leaving a COMMENT. Written & Directed by D’Tonio […]

Wrong Place

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Directed By: Iesha “Queen” Brown & @malik_thevision843


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WEIGHT – EXCLUSIVE FULL CRIME MOVIE IN ENGLISH Dub’s crew is made up of Rob, Turk and Junkyard. Together, they run the west side drug business. The boys are not pleased when Charlotte takes over. But she isn’t phased and quickly shows them why Dub chose her to take over.

Educational Criminal Activity

414 The Movie

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In a city full of love and hate. Friends and foes. Talented young men and women are going thru several trials and tributlations to get to the top… SHOT BY R&B PHOTOGRAPHY EDITED BY @BLACKALADDINTV DIRECTED BY ELITE WAY ENTERTAINMENT STARRING: BLACK ALADDIN, CASELOAD DRELL G, JIGG GIMMEME, REACE BISHOP, MZ LADII, FAITH “HONEY CAMERON, […]

Boost – Hakeem and A-Mac are like brothers. Together they face immigrant life in Montreal, while ‘spotting’ cars after school. Boost gives us a glimpse into the awkward adventures of teenage boyhood, then the jolt, when that innocence ends abruptly. 2016. Stars: Nabil Rajo, Jahmil French, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine **Under non-exclusive license from Indie […]

A couple desperate to get divorced must survive the craziest weekend of their lives to gain their freedom from each other. Learn more about Valentine’s Date: Starring Kathy Thomas-Aldrich and Bryan G. Thompson


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About two brothers from the same mother with different upbringings caught up in the same tangled web of the criminal underworld involving deceit, betrayal, murder, greed, lust, hate, million dollar money, Real-estate Moguls, crazy gangsters, and whores… TIDEWATER IS WHERE THE WOLVES LIVE FAST AND DIE YOUNG!!!!!

Awnaw The Movie

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#Comedy #Detroit #HoodMovies Two Best friends, Izzy & Resse decide to take up hustling but quickly find themselves in the wrong business. Genres Action, Comedy Director Armani Ayeyonino Samuel Starring Shawntez Prince, Izzy Dre, Tanisha Bynum Supporting actors Breyonna Mccallister, Antoine Wells, James Perkins Producers Izzy Dre Studio Safe House Media Group / izzy Dre […]

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DURHAM The New Jack City Too Soundtrack available on all major music streaming platforms. Soundtrack By @BlackMoney4Real Director – @BlackMoney4Real Cinematography – @LokiMedia assistant shooter – @Jassonthecam

The film tells the story of a top high school prospect who has basketball taken away from him. He teams up with the neighborhood tech wiz to find a new way to impact their community. Together, they dream beyond the expectations placed on them and find new ways to create their future.


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This movie is about 3 individuals that get caught up in a polyamorous-ish relationship they’re not ready for. When Kisa and Larry move from Atlanta to Pittsburgh they invite their friend Fatima for a visit. They end up getting more than they bargained for! (Based on a true story) From the makers of Sneaky Links, […]


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JLG Production Presents…. A new hood suspense drama tells a story about a young man’s decisions that grants him a fork in the road between what’s either right or wrong. This drama also in tells the life stories and tragedies from all aspects of the hood.


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When being young and hood-rich is no longer a priority, Renz turns his focus to something physically and mentally finer. But when walls and barriers begin to break, he realizes he has to choose between love and loyalty. Released: 2021-12-07 Genre: Crime, Drama Casts: Jamal Woolard, Montreal Diggs, Nadirah Shakir, Tekia Gee, Cory Espie Duration: […]


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For Dutch, survival is the ultimate score, and power is the deadliest high of all. When he gains control of an African drug lord’s stolen heroin business, Dutch quickly makes it the most feared drug empire on the East Coast. Director Preston A. Whitmore II Writers Preston A. Whitmore II Teri Woods (based on the […]


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Watch interviews of some of the most talented, up-and-coming, independent, filmmakers. Listen as they discuss projects and share inspiration through their experiences as a producer, director, or editor of some of the best, underrated, urban, independent, films you’ve never seen. This interview is with filmmaker Black Deniro #Brush #ItsMore2DaStory #Backfire WATCH NOW: Brush It’s More […]

This is a short drama film about a young black man named Rey’Shawn that grew up within the life of crime in West Oakland, California. Rey’Shawn’s mom worked as a prostitute to provide for her 2 children & she later died from HIV. Rey’Shawn’s older brother Demaray was a drug dealer that had to take […]


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Freedom – Two men separated by 100 years are united in their search for freedom. In 1856 a slave, Samuel Woodward and his family, escape from the Monroe Plantation near Richmond, Virginia. Freedom (2014) Director: Peter Cousens Writers: Timothy A. Chey, Peter Cousens (story editor) Stars: Cuba Gooding Jr., Sharon Leal, David Rasche Genres: Drama […]


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“Touched” is a short film that focuses on the trauma and the mental health issues that lives in several relationships, surrounds our relationships, unfortunately closes out relationships and sadly ends many lives. “Hurt People, Hurt Other People” Starring Dyesha Hicks, Omar Salgado, Alfred E. Rutherford, Paul Mauriello, Cassandra D. Johnson, Matt Silva, Crystal T. Williams, […]


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“Brush” is the story of a young man named John Pennick (Black Deniro) who grows up in a tough neighborhood of violence, corruption, and drug dealing. Throughout his childhood he is very fascinated with art. As he grows older, he tries to escape the world he came from and find a better way of life […]


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360 Film Group presents BRICK CITY

On The Outs

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On The Outs (Hood Movie) I [Full Movie]

2eleven The Movie

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hood movies live stream subscribe subscribe subscribe!

Let The Mind Games Begin.


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Ripped full movie starring Russell Peters and Faizon Love. Two stoners from 1986 are launched into the year 2016 and have to learn how to adapt to present-day living. Director: Brad Epstein Writers: Billiam Coronel, Brad Epstein Stars: Faizon Love, Russell Peters, Alex Meneses 2017 Edited for YouTube ad standards

Yung Cat & 24SevenFilms Presents Shoot First Series Filmed In Kansas City. Stream & Download Music Soundtrack Here: Intro: 20 Blokk Gee’s: Follow Me On Instagram: Follow Me On Twitter: Please Subcribe For More Music & Videos #ShootFirst #HoodMovies

The Perfect Date

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A Short Film changing the stigma of what a “First Date” should embody. Let’s skip the masked personas and overrated dinners to connect with the person we want to get to know! Written & Directed by Tailiah Breon Featuring Joey Goodwin & Brea Lockamy Photography by Morgan Scott FOR MORE


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Drout the movie is a Film By Isaiah king Base on true events Chuck Browne films ?


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Intense, Drama, action Hood film. This is a fictional storyline with fictional characters for entertainment purposes only. Written, Produced, Edited, Directed by D’Tonio Lebrian Starring: D’Tonio Lebrian, Johnny Bizz, Candace P. Hale, Jay Drake, MI Quan. This film was made in 2014 Shot with Canon 70D Edited on Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 13 Sound Gear […]

This is a urban Hip Hop comedy Similar to the Friday movies by Ice cube the movie is based on a rags to riches story mixed with real life experciences of Rapper Actor producer writer Powerman Mc The movie brings to question what will people in poor neighborhoods do to make Millions of dollars. Welfare […]

Written and Produced by : Rico King Tears in the Bayou – is a documentary that takes you through the madness in the inner city of Houston, Texas. A tale on how a world class city with the 2nd most fortune 500 companies is also one of the notorious cities spiking up the […]


Curtis Snow, an Atlanta robber and crack dealer, stole a camera from some college kids in a dope deal. The footage he then captured with his new possession depicts the grittiness of his real life on the harsh city streets where anything goes. Directed by: Damon Russell 2011 Starring: Curtis Snow, Young Blo, Curtis Lockett, […]

Michael Clayborn is writing his thesis on the human anatomy, questioning why men and women can’t find true love. He discovers the 6 most common stereotypes you meet while dating: the cheater, the broke man, the gold digger, the insecure man, and more. Director: Jevon Dewand (as Jevon Dewan) Writer: Jevon Dewand (as Jevon Dewan) […]

Plug Warz

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A Young Hustler Who Is try to find his way in the drug game. He got fronted work from the Plug and was robbed for it. Now his mission is to find out who robbed him to repay the Plug, The quest on who robbed him went bad at all angles that led to gunplay.

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Up The Score

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Yung Cat & 24SevenFilms Presents Up The Score The New Series Filmed In Kansas City. Intro Song: Yung Cat – For The Money

Run It Up

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The Wrong Spot

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Wrote, Directed & Shot By @Hoodstar_bunkey. Starring Hundoe Dre, HM Bobo, Charles Battle , Anaiah Scott , RealKennyG, Joe Britton & Many More Montgomery Alabama. Soundtracks Bunkey x Big MURDA x YD – Young & Ready Hundoe Dre – Freaky Slime KC x Bunkey – Hulk Hogan Hundoe Dre – Pressure Bunkey – Body Scars […]

Love Triangle

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Stucking in a love triangle can be stress. It is ferocious, treacherous, vicious, and an emotional devious mess. Director: Markiss McFadden Writer: Markiss McFadden Stars: Markiss McFadden, Cynthia Rodriguez, Kevin L. Walker


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Enemies since back in the day, two homeboys take a different path in life. College bound Daryll, desperate to keep a roof over his family’s head and seduced by the money, power and respect of the hustler lifestyle moves in on his old nemesis’ turf setting off a battle over territory in a war that […]

Jack Boiz

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This is a story of 3 longtime friends that hit a point to where they were tired of being broke, so they took measures into their hands and did what they had to do not knowing that what they were doing (becoming jackboiz) was going to put them in a situation that is real hard […]


Dirty Money

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Slim G Plays A Ex Drug Dealer Who Was Released From Prison After Three Years And Is Trying To Fly Straight But He Is Pulled Back Into The Middle of A All Out War Between Two Rival Drug Cartels Ran By a Notorious Queen Pen Played By Foxy Slim Who Is Also Responsible For The […]

Song featured in: MY BROTHER’S KEEPER – A 2020 short film Written and Directed by Eric Phillips – LISTEN NOW!

Song featured in: SEVEN – A 2020 short film Written and Directed by Alexander King – LISTEN NOW!  

Tiana and her friends went to college while financial aid began running out. They learned the concept of scamming from a mutual college friend. Tiana got caught up and is now facing serious charges. Will her social media following help prove her innocence? Filmed & Edited: @Flow_Lavah Created by: Lazarus Reed lrmglobalpublications Written by: Chatejah […]

Bloody Neighborhood I City Of Vultures [2 Hood Movie] I [Full Movie]

With grand ideas of leaving the broken city they grew up in, two sisters get roped into using their get rich idea to help their womanizing father save the city he loves from bankruptcy and a three foot tall Mexican Drug Lord. Director: Robert A. Johnson Writer: Michael Anthony Snowden Stars: Keith David, Krista Allen, […]

An Eastside gang uses the Amityville property to grow marijuana when they are attacked by a rival gang and their drugs stolen. Soon, it’s unleashed on the Westside streets of Compton, where anyone who smokes it suffers one KILLER buzz. Director Dustin Ferguson Writers Jerimiah DouglasDustin Ferguson Stars Dustin FergusonJennifer NangleAllie Perez

Snakes In The Hood

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A LINE OF FIRE Film *New* Snakes In The Hood The Movie (Full Movie) Written By: Jap Jones: Follow me on Instagram Dareal_Japjones Directors: Black Diamond/Dedric Turner/Jap Jones Producer by: Measy F. Free Sound Track Available at


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Struck suddenly with the development of antlers, Oliver is thrust into a world that wants him dead and family that can’t help him. writer/director. Jace production co. nbdy pictures starring. Baby Ebony // Alexis Garrett // Jasmine Mathews executive producer(s). James “Taz” Conley // Elgin Swift producer(s). Gem Little // Danicia Malone for Rokh 1st […]

Watch interviews of some of the most talented, up-and-coming, independent, filmmakers. Listen as they discuss projects and share inspiration through their experiences as a producer, director, or editor of some of the best, underrated, urban, independent, films you’ve never seen. This interview is with filmmaker: JACE #Aunteler #directedbyjace WATCH NOW: Aunteler GoodHood Films does not […]

The Hustle

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Two exterminators (Charlie Murphy, “Norbit” and Al Shearer, “Glory Road”) looking to make a little extra on the side rack up a huge debt to a crime boss. When they get mistaken for Baptist ministers, they find that divine inspiration might be just the answer to their prayers. #freemovie #fullmovie #blackcinema #comedy


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Friends will take your kindness for weakness if you let them. Villa realize his friend A.V. may not have the best intentions for their friendship, but he still helps him out. That’s when things start to go wrong!

A movie about the Real Atlanta!! Directed & Shot By: Drizzle Dollar – 404.4544735 Edited By : @ShoCheese – 404.919.2907

Never Let You Go II Is a Deep Compelling Story that will bring sadness & laughter to you. Its very important that we cherish are love ones while there here and not take anything for granted. Every day is not promise and sometimes are own actions from are past can have a negative consequence on […]

#Sacrifice4Self #Day2Day #StillClockin #HoodMovies #HoustonMovies Shot & Edited By: Sacrifice 4 Self


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The trilogy picks right up where True 2 left us. Gena’s awakes to find that her mysterious savior is Quadir. Before happily ever after, Gena has 72 hours to go back to Philly to check on Bria and Gah Git and let them know of her plans. Cast actors Malik Barnhardt Titus actors Starletta DuPois […]

After over a decade, “Criminals Gone Wild” has returned with the second installment, “Menace II Humanity”. Due to statutes of limitation, the producers were forced to wait over a decade to unleash this highly anticipated sequel of the viral cult original, Criminals Gone Wild. Follow us as we chronicle the lives of several criminals, from […]

A short video the shows the streets of “North Philly”, breaks down the music scene and some of the culture, and shows a few Philly entrepreneurs.

Is Detroit even worse than Chicago?


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Single father struggles to raise his daughter after losing his job. So he turns to the street to provide not knowing danger is always right around the corner. When kidnappers get a hold of his daughter he will be forced to pay a large ransom to secure her survival. As he turn to a life […]


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King was just a young black man trying to make it. A product of his environment, he was propelled into a war when his plug got the term “connect” confused with “boss”! Now he has to figure out who is who and what’s what and he has to do it quick before the streets leave […]

I Got Hands

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I have a friend that swears he has the coldest hands in the world. He think he Floyd Mayweather but he really honestly and truly can’t fight at all. “I Got Hands” is a perfect example to show how the homie can’t fight at all. Starring: IG: @ShabazPlaytime (Follow Him) @efrangeliz @B WattsTV @Dean Wil […]


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STARRING: @Jaé The Fade @Suzette James SHOT BY: #yallloveeddie #COMEDY #lilughahh #THEPLANWUZALREADYINEFFECT

Left On Read

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We’re not singling WOMEN out, pointing fingers, gender shaming or promoting promiscuity. These events can happen to anyone. We are simply showing what’s real! From the makers of T.H.O.T. Process, Flexbook, Watch What You Pray For etc. UNCUT Version: ©2018 Villain TV Hood Movies


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#CareyOn #CareyOnNetwork #OhWordNetwork SOCIAL MEDIA: instagram: ( Twitter: ( Facebook: ( TikTok: ( Twitch: ( CAST: Filmed & Edited by: CareyOnNetwork: Thumbnail Design: THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!!

Watch interviews of some of the most talented, up-and-coming, independent, filmmakers. Listen as they discuss projects and share inspiration through their experiences as a producer, director, or editor of some of the best, underrated, urban, independent, films you’ve never seen. This interview is with Jarrell Lucus of the Lucus Brothers #ManoftheHouse #BucketBoys WATCH NOW: Man […]

Did you enjoy this full comedy special from Rahn Hortman? If you did, then chances are you’ll enjoy our other comedy specials as well and you can watch them for FREE right now on the Dry Bar Comedy App. The App is free to download and is available on all Android and iOS devices.



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While her husband is away at war, Marqueaux creates a revolutionary device that allows the couple to have physical contact through computers. As the two enjoy her creation, Ransom gets the news that he is coming home in 2 weeks, Marqueaux gets an approved patent for her device and the couple decides they are going […]

COMPLICATED – THE SERIES In this explosive season opener, trouble in paradise brews as Deven “Mo” Monroe Lawrence fights to save her marriage to politician husband, Calvin Lawrence. Meanwhile, Mo’s best friends, Valerie “Val” Bryant and Ericka Connor become suspicious of the reasoning behind Mo’s marital issues. Zay, a certified womanizer, targets a new love […]


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Written by Marcus Beeks Shot by KIDEAZY FILMS & D.O.P.E FILMS edited by Elijah Kideazy Blaylock of (KIDEAZY FILMS)

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Brandon Wiley

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Brandon Wiley brings his standup to the #comedycube in this episode Make sure to follow Brandon Wiley on Instagram @comedian.brandonwiley and on Facebook at Brandon Wiley Follow Funny Media Group on Instagram @funnymediagroupofficial

What do you do when a stranger offers you a deal you can’t refuse? Sydney Castillo reveals what he choose when a gay man offered him a deal of a lifetime. For more Sydney Castillo subscribe to his channel @Sydney Castillo and follow him on Instagram @sydneyisfunny! Originally filmed 10/3/21 Videographer: Jesse Woodworth | IG: […]

From touring with Kevin Hart, winning BET awards, and starring on television, Tony Roberts has done it all in comedy. In his brand-new concert film, I’m Different, you’ll hear his hilarious takes on Eddie Murphy, parenting, sex and everything in between. Directed: Deon Taylor 2013 Cast: Tony Roberts

J Will Brings his Standup comedy to the Comedy Cube. Make sure to follow J WIll on Instagram @comedianjwill Follow Funny Media Group on Instagram @funnymediagroupofficial

Behind Closed Door

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Sexual abuse toward children and adolescents is a stark reality worldwide. A common misperception about child sexual abuse (CSA) is that it is a rare event perpetrated against girls by male strangers in poor, inner-city areas. To the contrary, CSA is a much too common occurrence that results in harm to millions of children, boys […]


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West Slide Story Created, Produced, Directed, Filmed, Edited by Paul Johnson Jr. For Ghordibari Films. Original music by Paul Johnson Jr. Description: Tay (Jonathan Crawford) a rookie drug dealer from Detroit faces his worst day ever as he tries to persuade his mob boss, Don Pauly Fontaine (Paul Johnson Jr.) to let him out the […]

Watch the World Premiere of MeeMaw’s Ratchet Barbeque the Stage Play full video. MeeMaw and her family take the Stage for this hilarious comedy


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After her brother dies in the Vietnam War, a young girl searches for the meaning of life with the help of her teddy bear. ONE SMALL STEP is the first film shot on the new Digital Bolex D16. The film was shot on the camera prototype in November/December of 2011, and premiered at the 2012 […]

Produced by Corta Productions and Films. The Streets Love No One is a new series written by Zach Haynes. What happens in the streets is not for everyone! Some survive and some don’t. Don’t get caught up in the street gangs when you don’t belong in the first place. The Streets Love No One tells […]

Unequally Yoked

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Jersey-born and Compton-raised, T.K. Kirkland is an American actor, stand up comedian, singer-songwriter, and talk radio host. On this episode of Laffaholics, he gives a set on dating, how the game has changed, and the importance of strucutre. @tk_kirkland — This video is from BRIC TV— the first 24/7 television channel created by, for, and […]


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Thanks for watching ! Don’t forget to subscribe! ??? Follow me on Instagram! Starring ⭐️ Latoya Shot by Miles & Denzel Miles Denzel Executive Producer Producer Jr Shop Rich is Right

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STARRING @Kinigra Deon W/ @TroyInLA #biggjah #2DAMAX #HOODGOODCOMEDY

Starring Bigg Jah Shot & Edited by Tchindalo IG… YouTube FB


Written/Directed/Edited @NellyVidz Featuring @Lisa Yaro Camera op @Jalen Jet Turner My Instagram For business

The Dummy

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Written/Directed @NellyVidz Starring @NellyVidz @efrangeliz Behind the scenes Produced by @Black Eagle Entertainment My Instagram For business

#CareyOn #CareyOnNetwork #OhWordNetwork SOCIAL MEDIA: instagram: ( Twitter: ( Facebook: ( TikTok: ( Twitch: ( CAST: Filmed & Edited by: CareyOnNetwork: Thumbnail Design: THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!!

13 Year Old Bully Drops Out Of School To Live Street Life, He Tries Peer Pressuring His friends To Start Hanging Out With Him To Get Fast Money.. They Quickly Learns That The Streets Life Is Not A Good Route… Kids Learned A Valuable Life Lesson……. Business:

Issa Rae’s work has garnered over 20 million views and 200 000 Youtube subscribers. Her web series, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, was a refreshing comedy which amongst other things, highlighted the lack of representation of black characters in mainstream television. And, it was funny. This short documentary explores the journey of Rae’s web […]

Four teens travel into a desolate and decrepit urban wasteland brought forth by the very being they wish to find, dead or alive. Directed & Produced by Luke Jaden Written by Josh Malerman ( Produced by Cort Johns, Phil Wurtzel, Anthony Garth (, Colin Stark, Michael Angelo Zervos ( Starring Keith Stanfield (Short Term 12), […]

Uber Drama

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LIKE, COMMENT, & SUBSCRIBE!! Follow me on Instagram: @AYONATHEARTIST Instagram: @AYONATHEARTIST Twitter: Youtube: Facebook: w/ @_CORNELL__ Shot By: @itsjetography Written, Directed, & Edited By: @Ayonatheartist Ayona’s Youtube Page Cornell’s Youtube Page


Starring: Starring: + @VonRoburts Written by: @Jaé The Fade Shot by: @Goldn_Charmr Editing, Sound, Scoring & Color by: @Jaé The Fade

Written/Directed/Edited @NellyVidz Featuring @CortneyEliseTV @eezy styles My Instagram For business

*Do not own the rights of this video *Posting under the internet fair use Act *For entertainment purposes only

The OG Karlous Miller graces the stage in Long Beach at the Laugh Factory to show them how stand up comedy from the South goes down.

In Black America, children are often raised in run-down areas, surrounded by crime. Local schools are underfunded and do not give students the skills to break the cycle of drugs-violence-jail. But the community is now finding its own solutions to this education crisis. In Philadelphia, high school dropout Steven Stewart is getting a second chance […]

Reggie examines the impact that gun violence and police brutality continue to have on the citizens of Chicago. Against the backdrop of unprecedented gun violence, Reggie Yates travels to Chicago to investigate gun crime in President Obama’s adopted hometown. In the year of filming this documentary, there were 468 murders in 2015. With many of […]

Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Amanda, a young street prostitute on Skid Row. You can find all the Amanda videos in Playlists. For ad-free, uncensored versions of SWU videos, as well as some exclusive videos please subscribe to: Here’s a link to the new GoFundMe campaign to support this channel and to […]

Michael Jackson: Invincible takes you through the life of the King Of Pop Edited by then 14 year old Isabella Benbow (@issybenbow), the documentary shows you what life was like being the biggest star on the planet. Michael Jackson broke records, had the best selling album of all time, was extremely successful and did so […]

The Prenup

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Stage play

“When a Father Prays” 2012 Milwaukee Wisconsin. Written and directed by Annette Jackson of Anaja’ Enterprises. Tm (All rights reserved)

Burning Flame

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Love Don’t Live Here Anymore is an Urban Stage Play Written, Produced and Directed by Lorenzo Pierson. Filmed by LP Entertainment. Starring Heather Neeley, De’Maris Harvey, Marcus Middleton, Brandy Tahnora and Shalana Bradley. An original stage play production that will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. SUBSCRIBE TO THIS […]

Black & Brown

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Black and Brown | The Documentary is a solid look at Police Brutality and injustice for communities of Color. Far too long we have been criminalized and betrayed by a system and government that refuses to give Black families their equal justice and opportunity. American in order to fix a problem , You have to […]

The Streets of Harlem…How Black Men in The Streets Adapt to Structural Violence, is a video street ethnography that documents how Harlem-based street identified Black men, across generations, frame notions of resilience in relation to structural inequality. Dr. Yasser Arafat Payne, Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice at the University of […]

“Winner of 5 Regional Emmy Awards” Where did Chicago go wrong? Chicago at the Crossroad tells the story of a city caught in the aftermath of a policy of mass displacement shaded by a long history of segregation. A Feature Length Documentary from Schodorf Media Creative – 15 years in the making… Chicago at the […]

BMF Documentary

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BMF follows the story of two brothers who created the Black Mafia Family, the most prominent drug distribution network in American history.

Mr. Thomas is a new teacher at the Washburne Institute of Technology. Everyone is loving the work that he is doing and he’s on track to become Assistant Principal. Little does he know that Mr. Thomas, a devious and self centered administrator, has his eyes on the coveted position AND WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO […]

After serving in the army and deploying several times, Jeremy is holding on to a lot from his past. He thinks bottling it all up inside is helping but it’s hurting the people around he. He starts to realize this when his wife finally speaks up. Although he loves here, will it be enough to […]

Tiana and Michael are the couple everyone wants to be. One see that the marriage is perfect, while the other one is holding a guilty pleasure. Someone has a very dark secret that will not only hinder their relationship but cause more pain then ever. Seeking help through their friends and family, the biggest concern […]

Dangerously In Love is an Urban Stage Play Written, Produced and Directed by Lorenzo Pierson. Filmed by LP Entertainment Films. Starring: Roanna Renee, De’Maris Harvey, Tiffany Ardis, Britney Marie, Chynna Abraham and Will Buchanan. An extraordinary story about LOVE, SECRETS, JEALOUSY AND TRIUMPH! A Powerful Stage Play that will keep you on the edge of […]

Have you ever wondered what a mother of 5 goes thru when she hasn’t dealt with her horrific past? In this stage play you will see her trauma, judgments, generational curses, and her healing. Written By: Nakeasha Walker

Lord Deliver Me

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Lively Stones For Jesus Ministries & Anointed Love Ministries Drama Department presents… Lord Deliver Me (Stage Play) A Stone Love Production Lord Deliver Me Stage Play recording at the Lively Stone For Jesus Ministries, Inc. Church in Miami Florida, Dr. Apostle T. Knowles

No-Go Zones – World’s Toughest Places – Ghost Town, South Africa | Dangerous Places Documentary Behind Bars: South Cotabato Jail, Philippines: Ghost Town – one of the toughest and most dangerous neighborhoods in the world. The deadly no-go area is ruled by the “Ugly Americans”, one of the toughest street gangs in Cape Town. […]

America’s racial divide remains a troubling national problem that has been brought back into focus in recent years. We start exploring the racial profiling issue in the black suburbs of St. Louis, where activism has gathered pace since the Ferguson unrest of 2014.

The realest documentary about hip hop and life on the streets in Chicago. #WSHHFilms Featuring Lil Durk, Lil Reese, King Louie, Lil Bibby, Young Chop, Katie Got Bandz, Lil Mouse, Rhymefest & More. Reposted from WorldstarHipHop Executive produced by @QWorldstar Produced by Javier “Jay” Sang Directed by Mandon Lovett Cinematography by Sher Toor & […]

Tears in the Bayou – is a documentary that takes you through the madness in the inner city of Houston, Texas. A tale on how a world class city with the 2nd most fortune 500 companies is also one of the notorious cities spiking up the US murder rate. Hear real life stories of individuals […]

Black Girl Lost

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313 Soul Ent. LLC. Presents Black Girl Lost. A dramatic story of Love, Betrayal and Redemption. Written, Produced and Directed by Paul Johnson Jr. Co- Directed by Rodney D. Story. Email:

In the first Madea stage play since the fan-favorite production of Madea Gets A Job, the side-splitting performance, taped in front of a live audience, comes on the heels of the recent theatrical release of Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas. Not available on tour, the DVD is the only way that fans can watch the […]

For booking contact @AuNaturel1 For media inquires contact @ShariLachelle @KevOnStage @JsonFredericks @MrAntDavis


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Comedy Gospel Stage Play – “Entangled” – Full Free Movie! Watch Today!

Showtime Productions hit stage play “Collateral Damage ” Written by Johnny Sizemore & Kerrick Greer The tragic death of beloved council man, Charles Bradford has shattered his family in to a million pieces, the devastation of this loss sends his family in different directions. Nearly, three years later Camille, his youngest daughter has returned home […]

Showtime Productions hit stage play “A Cry Nobody Heard ” Written/Directed/Produced by Johnny Sizemore & Kerrick Greer When family secrets cause a rift in the relationship of The Bailey Sisters, we find there are 3 sides to every story: The Truth, The Lie, and The Unknown. Brokenness and selfishness have driven this family apart and […]

Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. The secret is out; Men have issues too! Insightful and outrageous. MEN CRY IN THE DARK unflinchingly reveals African-American man’s perspective on fatherhood, gold diggers and […]

Make It Soul

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Catégorie Pro Prix du Public ex eaquo PIAFF 11ème édition – septembre 2018 Film réalisé par de Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo

Ignite Your Love is about a relationship expert named Amor Rose who helps couples bring back the spark in their relationships through the help of her book, “Ignite Your Love: The Love Challenge for Couples”, by helping them understand their spouses love language. The interesting part is, Amor Rose, who is an expert on paper, […]

Produced By: Breezy Entertainment Written By: Stacey “Ms. Breezy” Gill & NIcole Washington Shot & Edited By: Dark MIrror Films


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Tough Love: LA

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Tough Love: LA is a digital series about progressive Black Millennials in New York City working to overcome obstacles along their career paths, while trying to get a grasp on their tumultuous love lives. – IMDB


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The Chase

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Created by young people in Nottingham and inspired by real life experiences. I do not own this film, i uploaded it so people who can’t get a hold of the copy get to watch it (theres currently only a 30min version for people to watch online)… credits are at the end of the film big […]

2 Crew Leaders and their teams collide due to a deal gone bad. DIRECTED BY & STARRING: Derrick “KOMADYAN” Bolton along side Allstar Cast Members J-BILLZ, D DA GR8, G6, THOROUGHBRED LEE, COLD CASH, & MANY MORE…


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THOT Process

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This movie is not intended to promote or encourage promiscuous behavior, but to simply enlighten people on the dangers of being promiscuous. Written & Directed By Villa Mane

5 Roommates smoke weed every day in April of 2020 because the entire month is 4/20. Join Audrey, Jay, Juan, Brittany, and Ryan on their weed-filled misadventures in a 5 part web series.

ShoCase Entertainment Presents… Insomnia: The Web Series For All Business and Press Inquires please direct your email to

Roommates: The Mini Series is a show about two strangers moving in together in the midst of a pandemic. Tyra (@blackchynese23) is strapped for cash and puts an ad out on Craig’s List to find someone to move in and help her with bills. She ends up enlisting Tiffany (@simply.creatiff) as her new roommate while […]

FULL STORY dated from June 2019-December 2020 Kaprice Kaprice 2: The Rise Of Mike Gee Kaprice 3: Return Of The Queen Starring Kiesha Mccall, Ridgecrest Dj, Latavious Flournoy, Duece Komradz’ DUECE MARLEY, Dymond Stackz, GOLDMAWF THE GOAT, Cossandra Davis, Pat Da Kidd, Southlawn Pj and many more……

A movie based off the Chicago Actor “Joc Da Block” – reconnected with his step brother ManMan in Atlanta, they need to get some money fast and the only way to do it is to have a M.A D MINDSET DIRECTED & SHOT BY : #DrizzleDollar EDITED BY : @ShoCheese 404.919.2907 watch all other episodes […]

Stay Focused

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#StayFocused #ChingAmerica Instagram @chingamerica_ Chingmatic Album on Spotify Look Beautiful by Ching America On Dead Dogs ft. K Mafia

Come take a trip see how it goes down in the hood. See the come up real Chicago. Follow on Ig @ItsLz @Lance2Swift Official Merchandise order on Ig @selfmadelafamilia.apparel

Fall Semester

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Fall Semester The Movie is a Independent Urban Comedy that stars instagram comedians Kypree Taylor (@kidkypree) and Mista Man (@mistaman0948). Kypree is a college student that’s focused on becoming a comedian. He got selected to be in the biggest comedy competition, but doesn’t have any money to make the trip. Kypree and his friends come […]

24 Hours

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Scandalous Relationships, Corrupt Politics, and Revenge is only the beginning in this treacherous drama. No one is safe from what lies beneath these hard streets. Director: Jarrell Crump Writer: Alyze Elyse Stars: Leonardo Black, Tone Capone, Nelson J. Davis

We’re back at it again with a new season and series plugged in plugged out the movie a story of friends betrayal lies and money the root of all evil season4 written directed and edited by #tommyjack248 co-director #edracks watch now #pontiac #film #Inidicazonly clothing


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The film is about a man, Marvin (Allen Maldonado) who gets pulled over by a Police Officer (Joel Rush) and the happenings during the encounter.

Beast Mom

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When Johnny’s mother leaves some unsavory comments on his boss’s Facebook, Johnny follows the advice of ESPN’s Skip Bayless & takes matters into his own hands to deal with his overbearing mom, but things go terribly terribly wrong… Starring: Johnny Ray Gill LaTonya Holmes Daniel Rubiano Mark Christine Write & Directed by: Johnny Ray Gill […]

Potty Break

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Have you ever wondered what women really do in the bathroom? Toni Thai Sterrett is ready to take you into the girl’s room with her new comedy web series, Potty Break, which gives us a small glimpse into the lives of two friends, Toni and Donna, who are two aging clubs “hostesses” that are struggling […]


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STYMIE talks about the hidden secrets about how corrupted and manipulative people are if you use your lively hood as a pawn in their hands. It’s also about the friendship between homosexual and heterosexual individuals. The film also dives in making African American males to find a better way to take control of their lives […]

No Mercy

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What happens when a good girl is tired of being good and meets a bad boy that loves being bad?