Hit The Road I Short film, Teaser (2020)


Synopsis: Based on director Maya Table’s true story, Hit The Road puts a lively spin on the devastating breakup of longtime couple Penny and Stan. Fueled by their competitive nature, Penny and Stan, played by Brianna Butler and Jared Wofford, engage in a battle of the sexes vying for the last word.

Watch the full film: http://www.hittheroadfilm.com/

Director/ Writer/ Editor: Maya Table
Producers: Marquita Goings, Venessa Brown, Maya Table
DP: Lara Aqel
Production Co.: Sam Frank Productions
Script Supervisor/ DIT: Blair Jordan
Production Manager: Morgan Iman
1st AC: Bruna Valor
Music Supervisor: Joy Bounds
Wardrobe Stylist : Dallise
Makeup Artist: Kenya Haynie
Art Director: Dani Brockington
Gaffer/ Key Grip: Gabe Pippas

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Category: TRAILERS