Criminals Gone Wild 2: Menace II Humanity


After over a decade, “Criminals Gone Wild” has returned with the second installment, “Menace II Humanity”. Due to statutes of limitation, the producers were forced to wait over a decade to unleash this highly anticipated sequel of the viral cult original, Criminals Gone Wild. Follow us as we chronicle the lives of several criminals, from different cities across the USA. Get into the criminal’s psychology and find out what makes them constantly make horrible decisions. This film features various interviews and shocking footage of car jackings, robberies, shootings and more. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

A Film By The Aleem Brothers

Director: Ousala Aleem
Executive Producers: Ali Aleem & Ousala Aleem
Music Composer: Jaime “JPrice” Price
Studio: Prestley Snipes LLC
Runtime: 01:09:10

Starring Bill O’Reilly, Chris Glorioso, Rick Sanchez, Jeff Rossen, Ousala Aleem, Ali Aleem, Hell Rell, King Yella, A-Mafia, Tr3yway Sledge, Phil “Breezy” Hill, Chris Crown, John Khinda, Shanks Bankai, Chris Knotti, Entrfied McCloud, Samori Kelly, Alec O’Donoghue and more!

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