Madea A Boo Halloween or “Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween” is Mr. Perry’s 16th feature movie as a filmmaker, and it demonstrates that he is only marginally better in this regard. If you like movies that are both funny and terrifying, this movie is for you!


Jonathan and his frat mates invite Tiffany and her pals Aday, Rain, and Leah to a Halloween party. Tiffany’s father Brian (“Uncle Joe” Simmons’ son) forbids her from going, and he shows his disgust with her sexually explicit video talk with Jonathan afterward. Madea (Brian’s aunt) and “Aunt Bam” hand out candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. Joe disguises himself as a clown to scare the women, with the help of their common friend Hattie. Brian plans for Madea to stay at his house to prevent Tiffany from attending the party, but Tiffany and Aday fabricate a ghost story, prompting the terrified adults to hide in their beds. Madea interrupts the party when she discovers the girls are there, but she is expelled. Bam calls the cops and reports the presence of Tiffany, who is under the age of 18. Aday hears the brother’s plotting retaliation against Madea and her pals.

Madea receives a call from the pastor, who informs her that he has Aday and would like to talk with them at the church. The car breaks down on the way, and a gang of zombies begins after the elderly ladies, so the three women flee to church. Madea pleads with the Lord for pardon and admits her crimes in the church in an effort to put an end to it all. The pastor then exposes Aday, who says that the zombies, clowns, water not turning off, and other pranks were perpetrated by the fraternity brothers in retaliation for the cops being called to their party. Madea describes what is going on to Hattie and Aunt Bam, who are preparing to confess their misdeeds. They all start plotting vengeance.

Back at home, Joe has the clown uncovered and is well aware of what is going on. They plot their vengeance and phone Brian to demand his return. When he returns, they go to Tiffany’s room, where Madea begins to pack up all of Tiffany’s belongings, telling her she needs to get a job and buy all of her belongings or she would be kicked out. Tiffany yells at her father to stop walking all over him as she and her mother do. She then admits that she was aware that her mother had cheated on him at home. Brian says that he never said anything since he was only helping to defend Tiffany, but he admits that he is too soft and allows them to pack Tiffany’s belongings. The elder girls confess that when they were younger, they were subjected to severe upbringing and were booted out, forcing them to give up the good in order to live and that they survived just fine.

When the cops come to the frat home the next morning, the men head downstairs to hide the beer and drugs. They are terrified when they witness Aday’s body with a sliced throat. After arresting all of the frat boys, the officers go to collect Tiffany, Rain, and Leah. Female detainees are in the front of the prison van, separated from male convicts by a barrier. Before a battle breaks out in the vehicle among all the elder convicts, the older inmates chat about rapping the kids inside prisons. When the cops discovered it was all a ruse, the kids start crying, understanding they had thrown away their future. Aday is still alive and well, but in disguise. Madea suspects the policemen are Brian’s pals in disguise, but Brian, an attorney, reveals that they are actual cops with whom he works on a regular basis. When the officers discover narcotics in the frat home, Madea and the frat brothers flee, and the end credits begin to play.

Boo! A Madea Halloween: Interesting facts

Here are some interesting facts about the movie that will make you want to see it!

  • How the idea originates:

Tyler Perry claims that the idea came to him after seeing the film Top Five (2014). When Chris Rock’s character walks into a movie theatre, he notices a line of people waiting to see a fake Tyler Perry film about Madea fighting spirits in a haunted mansion.  After that, Lionsgate approached Perry and offered they create the film for real.

  • Improvised scene:

At the point that BJ enters the living room, the actor is carrying the iPad of the film’s script supervisor, which happens to have a File of the script on the display as the device was improvised as the cameras began rolling on the scene.

  • Budget?

The movie grossed $74 million domestically and internationally, with $72 million of that coming from the United States. It made nearly $12.3 million per day of shooting despite only having a six-day plan.

Why watch Boo! A Madea Halloween?

A classic family film:

This is yet another Tyler Perry film. His primary goal is to amuse. He wants to make you laugh, and if he can throw in a life lesson or some “Ma’Dea” wisdom along the way, all the better. If you’re searching for a comedy with a positive family message, it’s worth watching on the big screen. You will see why Tyler Perry has such a large fan base; he crafts films that the entire family can enjoy.

Teaching moment:

Of course, there was the teaching moment, which you will find both hilarious and amazing. We learn a life lesson, like in other T.P. films. Tyler depicts family strife and reconciliation in the film.  Very important and properly and intelligently handled. Not a bit excessive. It didn’t detract from the film’s enjoyment or passion.

The diversity of people and cultures brought a layer of humor to the story.  It’s always a challenge to direct and perform at the same time, yet Tyler Perry pulls it off once again!



Madea A Boo Halloween