At 28, Junie is a writer, obsessed with capturing the essence of her childhood growing up with her musician father, Davis. Davis, an alcoholic drummer with an infectious charm and an unending tenderness for his daughter is proving difficult for Junie to put into words. As Junie struggles to articulate Davis in her writing and to her boyfriend Calvin, she’s transported back in time through her own childhood memories of him and their undeniable connection.

How do you explain someone both impossible to love and impossible not to? JUNEBUG is an exploration of the fierce love between a daughter and father, the complexities of an absence that words can’t touch, the nostalgic and transitive power of music and the wonderland of memory. The film shows the love between a young girl and her father and expands on the impact of their relationship through her adulthood as an artist with fond, yet emotionally complicated memories of growing up with her dad.

Directed by Winter Dunn
Written by Nicky Davis
Produced by CJ Faison, Winter Dunn, Takara Joseph and Sandra Evers-Manly
Based on an original idea by Winter Dunn & Nicky Davis

– Issa Rae Presents

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