Ignite Your Love | Official Trailer


Ignite Your Love is about a relationship expert named Amor Rose who helps couples bring back the spark in their relationships through the help of her book, “Ignite Your Love: The Love Challenge for Couples”, by helping them understand their spouses love language. The interesting part is, Amor Rose, who is an expert on paper, is single and can’t seem to get her own love life in order.

Will Amor Rose continue going by the book when it comes to love, or will she let go of the politically correct way of doing things and just be free from all the rules?

Breezy Entertainment presents a Breezy Film:

Genre: Romance

Director: Stacey “Ms. Breezy” Gill

Co-Director: Terran “Outlaw” Thomas

Writer: Stacey “Ms. Breezy” Gill

Executive Producer: Stacey “Ms. Breezy” Gill

Production Assistant: Duane Hill

Director of Photography: Alvin Elmore with Dark Mirror Films

Cast: SandyRedd, Messiah Equiano, Taylor Coleman, Demontez Moutry, Liberty Clay, Fel Davis, Dasaun Sanford, Ivory “Vo” Lofton, Ash’leye Donovan, Slique Jay Adams, John Blu, Berashet Hamm-Hughes, LaSharee “Chef La” Roberts