If Only


An award winning short film written, directed and produced by FREDI ‘KRUGA’ NWAKA.

?IF ONLY… life was a game ?- “in life, some choices are made for us” A story based on true events. Due to the spiralling gan g and youth violence on our streets, he felt this is the perfect time to release this powerful film on #MYM: MillionYouthMedia – We hope you all will help to spread this film and its messages as intervention and educational tool in an attempt to divert young people away from the epidemic that’s claiming the lives our younger generation on the streets of London

The film stars both of his sons and was also made as a deterrent and way of helping them stay clear of the life he led when he was younger. Having spent a large part of his early life in a notorious South London gan g, he has lost over 45 friends to the violence knife and gun crime. The film tells the true events of once such incident and the devastating effects it can have on not just those involved, but both friends and family. Life is about choices and decisions and unfortunately, this thing called LIFE is not a game…IF ONLY!