An alien couple named Addem (Hari Williams – “Resident Evil 7”, “Runner, Runner”) and Efa (Natascha Hopkins – “Straight Outta Compton”, “Street Fighter Resurrection”) live on Earth as human beings in order to determine if it has proper living conditions for their race. They are suddenly called back to their mothership and must face a disgruntled Special Agent (Paul Statman – “CSI”, “Supernatural”) and growing uncontrollable human urges to stay on Earth before it’s too late to return.

Director Statement:

DEPARTURE is a noir jazz sci-fi short film based around the ideas of galactic beings who have transcended the physical body, but are brought back in order to do research that may help them take on new forms and discover a new home. I’ve been developing a kind of “jazz sci-fi” aesthetic for many years through my work in filmmaking. I tend to lean heavy on rock and roll sounds and hyper visual aesthetics, but I always come back to a very fluid narrative. I love the balance between calm and chaotic when in comes to cinema. I think about rhythm in film just like I think about rhythm in jazz and rock and roll.


Natascha Hopkins as Efa
instagram: @nataschahopkins

Hari Williams as Addem
instagram: @hariwilliams

Paul Statman as Special Agent 9

Executive Produced & Directed by Donovan Vim Crony
instagram: @vimcrony

Written by Donovan Vim Crony & Jynnette Lewis
instagram: @reiki_rae

Director of Photography – Damian Apunte
instgaram: @4thstreetproductions


Cameo Adele
instagram: @cameeohh

Divide & Dissolve:
instragram: @divideanddissolve

instagram: @rah_spect



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